GIANNI MORI ENGINEERING s.r.l (GME), a company backed by 40 years of experience in the construction of plants for the recycling of non-ferrous scraps.
We are an engineering company operating in the Recycling of industrial's scraps material.
The aim of our business is to study, design and build-up Ecological Systems based on Cutting-edge technologies for the recovery and recycling of industrial scraps such as Exhaust Batteries (lead), Used Beverage Cans (UBC), Plastic material, tires and non-ferrous metals.
Our highly specialized team, due to the long experience on projects of different material's treatment all over the world and with a strong inclination towards the new technologies can ensure a perfect design and build-up of facilities and equipment, making every proposal easily adaptable to requirements of every demanding customer.
The TEAM is still led by our founder, a man of long and great experience with strong passion into the Recycling world that has given in the years a particular contribution to Lead Battery & Aluminum Scraps Recycling Market and not only.
His technologies in terms of design and process simplicity is known all over the world and have always distinguished him and us from the usual.

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Gianni Mori Engineering S.r.l.

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