Shredding Line for Aluminium scraps with component's separation

Main functions

Low speed and high cutting capacity shredder to chop Aluminium profiles up to 7 mt length as well as Aluminum sheets, with separation of:

  • Plastics

  • Papers

  • Ferrous metals



360° Multiple-speed Mechanical Line Shredder adaptable for XXL Aluminium profiles up to 7mt length

Hot De-Coating plant for removal process of grease, oil, paint, plastic and aluminum scraps

The system releases to complete drying, de-greasing and de-coating of the scraps without any oxidation

Main functions

No oxidation of the scraps during the whole process, complete burning of the organics with full recovering of the heat produced

  • For Scraps with organics over 5%, the process would not use natural gas

  • Standard consume of Natural gas​ between 20 to 28 Nm3/ton scraps charged

  • High yield fusion of De-coated product, comparable to the melting of clean metals (bullion).

  • No environmental pollution during melting process




Plants for the Melting process of Aluminium scraps recycling

Static & tilting furnaces, melting and holding types, for Aluminum scraps recovery with or without side well to install vortex system, with regenerative burners

Main functions

  • Twin chamber melting furnaces with exhaust gas recycling to optimize heat's recovery, evaporating from the Scraps organics

  • Fixed and tilting rotary furnaces completed with loader vibrating channel, oxy-gas burner system, Aluminum casting and exhaust gas de-dusting system

  • Homogenizing furnace, billet aluminum-room type with an adjoining of cell cooling

  • Casting belts for Aluminum ingots unit with automatic stacking.

  • Exhaust gas de-dusting plants, with complete abatement of acid gases such as HCl, SOx, HF, dioxins



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