EPALME, Greece

Shredding Line pool view
Shredding Line pool view

Shredder Motor pump
Shredder Motor pump

Shredding Line pool view
Shredding Line pool view



Aluminium recycling plant





Performed activities

engineering, procurement, realization and installation supervision


stainless steel AISI 316

Capacity of the plant

7 Tons/input of Aluminium profiles

In 2017, the GME Recycling Company, signed the contract for the Aluminium Profiles Recycling Plant Project with EPALME SA, Greece. > In the project, which built a Aluminium Recycling plant with an input capacity of 7 tons, in Greece, our Engineers were responsible for the engineering, procurement, execution and the installation supervision.

New shredder supplying for Al scraps
At the customer existing shredding line, GME changed the shredder only with scope to reduce the shredded pieces size, from 150 mm to 70/90 mm approx. in order to improve the bulk density of the shredded material, getting benefit on the furnace loading time and allowing the adding of one X-ray machine, to the existing sorting line, with scope of removing the Aluminium/Zinc (Al/Zn) alloy.
GME studied a new conception of mono rotor shredder driven by one low speed hydraulic motor, studied also new cuttings allowing the customer to re-fixing them on support several time, just turning before re-shaping.

Due the new design the customer got the benefit of:
•    Reduced shredded pieces size
•    Strongly reduction of ther power consumption (40% approx.) with same production rate
•    Drastically reduction of the re-grinding necessity (and cost) as the cuttings are turned several time before to be reshaped.