The scope is cast the refined soft lead into kettle to lead cylinder casting machine producing cylinders dimensions:

  • dia. 22 mm

  • height 35 mm

 Required items:
1.    N. 1 kettle pot over floor provided with bottom pouring hole.
2.    N. 1 manual ball valve for molten lead casting installed at the kettles bottom pouring hole
3.    Lead cylinder casting machine


The customer can cast the soft lead directly in the cylinder casting machine to produce the cylinders for the mills, avoiding the re-melting operation of the ingots, by saving fuel and ingots handling.

The unit is studied to connect directly to the soft lead kettle.

Machine description

Base: composed of one strong steel framework enables to support the spheroid cast iron crown and the pinion.

Spheroid crown: made of melting cast iron in which are machined 150 cavities.

The cavities are filled with melted lead and finally cylinders are ejected vertically.

Cylinder extraction: the system is made of 150 steel ejectors, which slide inside the crown cavity.

The ejectors are assured by the ball bearings which slide on a reversible cam.


Cooling system: to guarantee cylindres solidification, the crown is provided with tank to be filled by water, which is recirculated to cooling system.

The cooling system guarantee solidification of the molten metal before the ejection enabling the transport by means of an elevator inside the cylinder silo.


Casting system: the molten lead in the kettle is casted directly by gravity through a heated tube into the cylinder crown cavities.  

The feed dosing is guaranteed by opening/closing the lead plug cock or by regulating the machine rotation speed.  

The cam near the cylinders unloading pushes up the extractors and ejects the lead cylinders into a chute for cylinder discharging.

Technical data.

Diameter of cylinder: 22 mm

Height of the cylinder: 35 mm (**)

(**) The dimensions of the cyclinders can be modified according the requirement of the client.


This data must  be defined before the construction of the machine and  could modify the production capacity of the machine.


Number of revolutions: 7 rpm/min

Specific weight Pb : 1  Kg/dm3

Weight of each cylinder: 166,20 gr.

Theoretical productivity : 5 ton/h,  500 cylinders/min

Machine dimensions: 1400 mm height: 1700 mm large

Number of cylinders produced each lap:  150

Number of cavity required: 150

Diameter of the wheel:  1650 approx. mm

Electricity:  3ph/400V/50 Hz

Installed electric motor power for crown rotation: 3,0 kW

Required soft water from recirculating & cooling system:  2 m3/h at temp.18-25 °C

Compressed air:  1200 l/h at 7 bars

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