Equally to the main activity of Turn-key Plants construction and as a direct result of a consolidated KNOW-HOW over the time by all members of the team, GME provides several key services or ancillary to the three areas of Recycling management




We offer AD HOC TECHNICAL ADVICE for the improvement, modification and strengthening of industrial processes, including construction of a third party, advising through studies and field tests the best picks for a reduced-cost manufacturing process


We also offer RE-ENGINEERING studies for business processes, tailored to the customer with the sole purpose of creating high output quality compared to a lower cost of production



We offer all our experience and precision to guarantee you a perfect job of editor supervising of plants built from scratch with tips on modifying existing parts to a perfect final result.

Very often mistakenly think that the activity of Assembly are secondary, we can give you the security of a facility carefully fitted and ready to use




We offer Commissioning service of new/used or thirdy parts plants. Our dedicated team has created over the years, an important technical knowledge in terms of mechanics and softwearing that will guarantee you a commissioning without any problem and functional results in the long term



We offer Infrastucture plant improvement through Upgrating studies on existing plants, this will allow you to get advice on how and on what part of the plant can be made a work of strengthening, thus avoiding having to incur excessive expenses that a whole plant behaves.

We have carried out REVAMPING activities in multiple business scenarios in different parts of the world always carrying out what our customer had set from the beginning

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