Batteries recycling plant 




Changxin county, Huzhou,Zhejiang, P. R. China

Performed activities

Battery recycling plant cap. 150.000 tpy supplying, with battery breaker, paste de-sulphuration unit, couple of rotary furnaces, 6 kettles 120 Ton, 1 ingots casting belt 

Capacity of the plant

150.000 tpy

In 2011, the GME' engineers followed the Battery Recycling Plant Project with ZHEJIANG TIANNENG SOURCE MATERIAL CO., LTD, P. R. China. > In the project, which built a Battery Breaker plant with a capacity of 25  tons per hour in Changxin county,  Huzhou, Zhejiang our Engineers were responsible for the engineering, procurement, execution and the installation supervision.

Performed activities: 2011, battery recycling plant cap. 150.000 tpy supplying, with:

Battery breaker unit, 25 tph capacity, including

▪    Pre-crusher by 1st hammer mill in SS316
•    Acid (electrolyte) draining by screening                                                                                                                                                             
•    Drained acid collecting & filtering
•    Aerosol droplet pollution colletion by suction points on breaker and wet scrubbing before discharding to atmosphere, execution in polypropylene                                                                                                                                  
•    Paste collecting into stirred tank with pump transferring to de-sulphuration unit                                                                                                                                  
•    Crushed material separation into SS316 tanks with water
•    Breaker acid water filtering to charge to de-sulphuration unit 

Paste de-sulphuration unit, 400 tpd capacity, including: 

•    Couple of insulated & SS316 made stirred reactors

•    Soda feeding to reactors by dense-phase system
•    SS316 vortex pump feeding the de-sulphurated paste slurry to filter press
•    SS316 filter press 6,5 m3 capacity, with bottom pannels cake conveyor transferring to deposit.
•    Heavy metals salt solution removal unit
•    Salt solution polishing filter press
•    Anydrous sodium sulphate crystallization, detergent quality, with water condensation for re-using in the de-sulphuration process  

Couple of rotary furnaces 12 m3 capacity (30 ton) with batch cycle 4,0 hours, 35 m3 of gas/ton of lead    bullion consumption and 4% the Pb into slag, including:

•    Automatic loader with 12 m3 hopper, same to the rotary.
•    Furnace rotation by low speed hydraulic motor coupled to teeth pinion and cogwheel 
•    Furnace melting by SS mono-tube, self cooled, oxy-gas burner.
•    Cr/Mg bricks insulation
•    Couple of center shed pouring holes for lead and slag casting (different time) into crucibles 
•    Automatic crucible moving by winches
•    De-dusting system with center furnace house, sides tunnel and mixing chamber for exhaust gas and fuggitive emission collecting, including the lime feeding & couple of bag filter, the system is according the EU regulations

No. 6 kettles 120 Ton, including:

•    The first two with tilting table for crucibles content reversing into kettles
•    The last two with bottom pouring hole for gravity casting to ingot caster 
•    No. 2 chain skimmers for dross fast skimming
•    No.  2 stirrers 
•    No. 4 lead pumps
•    No. 3 dross metallic conveyor 

No. 1 ingots casting belt, 20 ton per hour capacity with 25 kg ingots

•    N.3 pre-heated liquid metal valves for kettles bottom casting system
•    N.3 pre-heated liquid metal pipes to gravity pot casting
•    N. 1 garvity pot with bottom liquid dosing needle valve
•    N.1 variable speed casting belt with:
o    250 bolted special cast iron moulds
o    N.1 cast iron star wheel
o    N.1 moulds cooling by water spray nozzles with water collecting to cooling tower
o    N.1 ingots customer logo printing
o    N.1 moulds hammering at ingots discharging point 
o    N.1 ingots discharging device 
•    N.1 ingots collecting twin chain belt with ingots alignment and with ingots stops
•    N. 1 electro-mechanic automatic ingots stacking device providing for:
o    ingots layer clamping, lifting, transporting, with weighin and rotation, to stacking position
•    n.1 storage belt for n. 10 stacks.          

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