40 years of experience in non ferrous recycling world

Our Vision

Circular Innovation for a Global Sustainable growth

Our Mission

Engineering production & consumption circular models to radically reduce the usage of virgin raw materials

Our team

Gianni Mori

Founder, CEO

Experience and Knowledge Reference point for the Team. Currently CEO and at the Head of Technical team.

Francesco Mori

Supply Chain

Details, Quality and Timeliness of the Projects. Currently at the Head of Supply Management.

Maurizio Mori

Marketing and Sales

Satisfaction and Care of the Customers. Currently at the Head of Sales force.

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Our company

At GME Recycling, our purpose is to create sustainable circular models through meaningful innovation. 

Backed by a combined 40 years of experience in the non-ferrous recycling world, continuing innovating through engineering production models to radically reduce the usage of the virgin raw materials.

Today we count +25 Plants designed & built with +10 years of continuous operation in +3 continents generating a +1.0 M Tons of wasted material recycled every year

Our projects

Our customers enjoy quality product, service and the immense value of know-how generated over the years in different part of the world at the complete customer’s disposal.

2 5 + P R O J E C T S in 3 + C O N T I N E N T S made throughout the best customers: Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd, Tianneng Global Group, Mytilineos Group, Ma’aden Group, Monbat Group, Fabcom, S’hail Metals Group and much more


Our Heritage

Our story begins with Gianni, our Founder, after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from  Politecnico di Milano in 1975. He joined A. TONOLLI & C, starting his very first journey in the non-ferrous metals’ recycling industry, being part of the engineering department and becoming one of the youngest Team Technical Directors at the age of 35.

Gianni in the following years, led the technical department of various companies such as Engitec and Bernardi.

Wanting to pay forward what he had learnt from previous experience, began sharing his experience as a technical consultant with many different stakeholders, including Universities and medium/large sector’s Companies.

In 2013, with the aim of finding purpose, harnessing collaboration and driving change in the sector, Gianni decided to pursue his biggest dream: creating his own company along with the best people he had met in his journey as a team.

Our Sectors

At GME Recycling, over the years we strengthened our bond with the Recycling sector expanding our knowledge in the Used Lead-Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Aluminium scrap or UBC (Used Beverage Cans) practicing and innovating in the designing and manufacturing of Plants to be suitable in almost every environmental and climatic situation.

Our Partners

We like to say that we are not in the Recycling business serving our Customers, but in the Customers business serving Recycling. Our employees – who we call partners – are at the heart of the GME Recycling company. We are committed to making our customers and partners proud and investing in their well-being and success and to creating a culture of belonging where everyone is welcome.

Our Products

GME offers a range of exceptional products that customers utilize in their facilities both stationary and mobile, 4.0 READY with IoT cloud-base communication systems.

ULAB Recycling Plant

360 turn-key approach from Engineering to Design, from Testing to Manufacturing and Commissioning on site of the entire solution, with more than 10 different plant’s capacity sizes, adaptable for any Battery type or Mix and any Area dimension.


NEW GRAVITY BREAKER leveraging on natural forces such as Gravity and Inertial Mass in every key separation process, perfectly balanced over the entire chain with an innovative GME process to obtain the separation of all the 5 elements composing a ULAB (PP, PE, Pb paste, Grids, Poles) keeping our highest quality while reducing, Waste formation, Sulphur presence in the DS Pb paste, Smelting and Refinery time and cost , giving a new ecological turn to the Recycling path

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is taking the advantage directly from the Gravity Breaker, thanks to the precise separation technology and high quality outcomes, this gives the total flexibility to choose what type of Fusion to run into the Furnace (Separate or Mix fusion), reducing: by 75% TTM Time To Smelt, by 50% Fuel/Oxy Consumption, Maintenance Costs and therefore less Air Pollution compared to a standard Process.

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as for Smelting phase, also Refining is taking the advantage directly from the Gravity Breaker, thanks to the precise separation technology and high quality outcomes, this gives the total flexibility to choose what type of Refining process to run: Just Soft Lead Bullion: as the Hard lead bullion is already having a quality close to refined product out from the Furnace. Just Grids and Poles directly in the Kettles skipping the Smelting phase

Just the Standard process to obtain a ULTRAPURE Pb alloy with 99.98% of purity.

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ALUMINIUM Recycling Plant

360 turn-key approach from Engineering to Design, from Testing to Manufacturing and Commissioning on site of the entire solution, with more than 12 different plant’s capacity sizes, adaptable for any Aluminium profile or UBC type and any Area dimension.


NEW 360 MULTIPLE SPEED SHREDDER based on a Low speed process and a high cutting force shredding machine that unify in just one system different Recycling needs. Just one machine, allowing Aluminium Profiles up to 7m, Sheets and household products to be shredded, reducing: Dust & fines presence by screening process, Wrinkles presence by de-ironing system, Time To Recycle (TTR) perfectly separating Plastics, Papers, Rubber by Eddy Current technology.

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De- coating

Based on a pyrolytic system to pre-treat UBC (Used Beverage Cans) removing the organic part onto Aluminium such as paint, oil, grease, plastic to be re-used as fuel for smelting phase, reducing: Natural Gas consumption, Production Scraps creation, Time To Recycle (TTR) by using Pump Transferring technology to move molten metal scraps.

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GME special Melting and holding furnaces, static or tilting, with or without regenerative burners, with side well & wortex for continuous melting. Melting furnaces double chamber with exhaust gas recycling after post combustion to heat recovery. Rotary furnaces with fixed or tilting axis, with oxy-fuel burner and metal & slag tapping system from the head or the center furnace, with: Loading machine by vibrating channel, moving on rails, Homogenizing furnaces for billets (Logs) with cooling chamber system, Ingots casting belts with water cooling & automatic ingots stacking, Post combustion of unburnt products into exhaust gas, with quenching to prevent dioxin formation.

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What we can do for your Company

Recycling Plants

FULL implementation of Tailored Turn-Key lead Acid Battery, Aluminium cans / scraps and Plastic (FLUFF & CDR).

Single Machines

GME can provide the following recycling plants machinary: Shredder, furnace, Crusher mill, Vibrating screen, separators screen, filter press, filtrate tank, slurry tank, paste vibrating screen, feeding rubber belt.

Revamping and mantainance

Enginnering support, revamping plant  and installation supervisioning are some of our most important customer services.

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