In 2015, Ma’aden Aluminium Corporation (the largest multi-commodity mining and metals company in the Middle East) in partnership with Alcoa Corporation and Samsung Engineering Corporation have chosen GME Team for the new Aluminium Decoater Plant in a project called “Ma’aden Rolling Mill” in RAS AL-KHAIR, JUBAIL, KSA > The project, consisted in a Twin Decoater 10+10 Tons per hour capacity for Used Beverage Cans (UBC) Aluminium scraps – our Engineers were responsible for the engineering, procurement, execution and the installation supervision.

Performed activities: 2015, UBC Aluminium recycling plant cap. 144.000 tpy supplying, with:


Double gate valve.
Loading chamber
Rotating drum welded ASTM special steel with couple of rotating rings and a gear wheel
Unloading chamber with Fibre labyrinth sealing system

Projects specs

Sector: aluminium recycling plant​


Country: Ras Al-Khair, Jubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia​

Performed activities: Aluminium recycling plant cap. 144.000 tpy supplying, with Twin Decoater, Delacquering system, Loading and Unloading chamber unit, Dedusting unit

Capacity of the plant: 144.000 tpy

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After burner, vertical execution
Heat exchanger
Stainless steel Dedusting cyclone
Process gas recirculation fan with Automatic greasing system
Process gas high temperature pipes
Zirconium Oxygen (O2) probe system for Oxy-flow monitoring
Automatic butterfly valve set for pressure monitoring
Secondary Combustion Chamber with air injection
Primary Combustion Chamber
Refractory cone
Set of Thermocouples with Temperature control
Electrical control panel
Electromagnetic Switch set
Emergency warning system equipped with safeguards, fuses and relays to keep the entire process in line with EU safety standards
Control room setup with temperature automatically controlled with inverter A/C system
PLC equipped with analogical output modules, digital in/out modules and temperature control module
LCD display bridging with PLC for a remote control

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