Ventiduedenti: the italian shredder for Aluminum scrap.

Introducing the NEW Ventiduedenti shredder

GME Recycling (Gianni Mori Engineering) finally presents its latest arrival in the world of aluminum recycling, a jewel of design and performance that promises innovation and tangible benefits in the processing of aluminum scrap of any kind. With a captivating and all-Italian name, wants to get inspired to masterpieces of Italian engineering such as the Granturismo designed by Maserati or the Roma for the Ferrari house, giving to the new shredder the name of “Ventiduedenti”.

The name is inspired by the new rotor design, elliptical in shape and equipped with twenty-two blades “teeth” forged in a hardened special alloyed steel and designed to treat all types of aluminum waste with absolute precision.

The Ventiduedenti shredder has 4 main novelties and points of differentiation compared to the past models:


the new blade design has been developed considering one of the most important topic, performance over time. Thanks to the new “QUAD-CUTTING-FACE” technology, the design utilizes all 4 blade cutting edges that can be rotated up to 4 times, for a 4 times longer life than a single edge blade design.


The new Hydraulic motor defined together with Hägglunds Bosch Rexroth has a perfect fit for the new Ventiduedenti, equipped with a modular algorithm to give tangible benefits such as the reduction of cutting peaks, less stress and wear of mechanical parts (e.g. support bearings) and hydraulics (e.g. pump and oil hydraulic circuit) for a reduced consumptions both on electricity and maintenance costs with an increased productivity (TPH).


The new DESIGN WITH PRESSURE (PUSHER), avoids the annoying problem of the scrap floating on the rotor and the thickening of the scrap on the rotor itself, which therefore involves a useless waste of time and a reduced efficiency of the aluminum scrap disposal process.

The new Pusher has been designed to adapt to all types of scrap and to be able to mechanically push the scrap towards the blades, equipped with a 3-module electronic system (fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual) depending on the type of load and needs of the customer, in order to allow a cut with each stroke of the blade, without loss of time and for a perfect optimization of the material load on the shredder.


Allows to have a sliced ​​aluminum scrap with size perfectly controlled and homogeneous. The design of the new plate called “Tegolo” has the task of standardizing the aluminum scrap during the shredding process, to manage the scrap that laid or is positioned in a non-homogeneous way at the mouth of the shredder and which would normally be discharged as it is.

The new plate, instead, acts as a “partner” controlling the part below the rotor and checks that the length of the cut profiles is homogeneous and standard, so as to have an extra element of safety on the quality of the shredder output.

The new design is also giving benefit to the brand new frontal charging station studied to facilitate the loading procedure of the material in front of the rotor to make the cut precise and continuous with the possibility of loading extra large pieces up to 7 meters in length.



Ventiduedenti NEW equipment components

The design novelties are enhancing 4 main technological propositions

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Able to adapt to any type of scrap with different cutting resistances, thanks to the new hydraulics motor and a tailored algorithm permits to optimize the cutting power thus the electrical consumption, controlling a power range from a max of 118,000 Nm Torque (160 kW at 8 RPM) down to a min of 20,000 Nm Torque (160 kW at 40 RPM) allows to adapt the cutting work on the basis of the type and load of the scrap, requiring the maximum power only when is strictly needed and standardizing the power flow distribution, to drastically reduce the electricity consumption and finally optimize the TTM (time to recycle) while increasing the final production (Tons Per Hour).


Single-rotor shredder with triangular blades and progressive scissor cutting coupling system, with 4 cutting edges or “faces” for a complete new cutting geometry that reduces the peaks of absorption of the installed power, allowing a consistent savings in energy consumption and reduction of the number of sharpening of the blades: thanks to the new QCF (Quad-cutting-face) system, reduce also the cost of blades’ replacing up to 4 times less than the standard system (with one blade), with a significant reduction of maintenance interventions thanks to the non-presence of mechanical parts such as gearbox or belt in the power transmission.


Able to cut with precision to a fraction of a TENTH of a millimeter with controlled and homogeneous sizing and with a system for standardize the length of the shredded profile thanks to the new blade design “tooth”, the rotor and the unloading plate system.


The new algorithm also allows the cutting rotor to be blocked in the event of a cutting force exceeding 118,000 Nm, with the opposite rotation of the rotor (REVERSE) of approximately 180° and a new cutting attempt up to 5 times (otherwise the security lock takes over and stops the run).

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