In the modern era, sustainability and recycling have become paramount topics, especially in the context of the increasing accumulation of waste, including spent batteries. In response to this environmental problem, the Cascade Refining system emerges as an innovative solution for battery recycling, enabling the recovery of precious metals such as lead, lithium and nickel through a complex refining process.

An innovative refining process

The technology at the heart of the Cascade Refining system uses an electric furnace along with several add-ons to efficiently extract precious metals from spent batteries. Particular attention is paid to lead, for which GME Recycling offers a refining system based on a triple boiler process that guarantees a lead purity of 99.985%. If required, additional alloy boilers can be added according to customer requirements.

Precision and quality in material separation

The system is distinguished by its ability to completely separate all five battery building blocks, including PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), lead paste, lead/antimony and lead/calcium alloys. This process not only ensures a high purity of the recovered materials, reaching up to 99.98% for ultra-pure lead, but also optimizes energy consumption. In particular, the separation of the Lead/Antimony and Lead/Calcium alloys exploits natural gravity, allowing a reduction in costs and energy consumption of 52%.

Cascade Refining System Technical Specifications and Options

The Cascade Refining system offers flexibility and customization according to the customer’s needs. Available standard boilers range from 40 to over 100 metric tons, with several fuel supply options. Each boiler is equipped with a sanitization cap that captures the fumes and directs them to the air filtration system, ensuring an environmentally friendly process. The size of the system can be determined according to the production desired by the customer and the number of lead alloys he intends to produce. Additional options are available, such as an automatic slag removal system and an automatic ingot stacking and tying system.

Ultimately, a complete Cascade refining system from GME includes everything you need for a turnkey refining system, including environmental smoke hoods, specialty lead mixers, pumps, ducts, and a complete air filtration system. Not only does this technology represent a step forward in the sustainable management of waste batteries, but it also offers an effective solution for recovering valuable resources while reducing the environmental impact of the recycling process.


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