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GME is on air!

GME’s Lead Battery Recycling Plant it’s on Dzair News, one of the most important and influential Commercial and Financial TV channels in North Africa.

Dzair is broadcasting a GME Lead Battery Recycling Project in the MEA region at Fabcom site – Algerie – capable to generate a circular transformation of 80 Tons/day of wasted Material (mainly exhausted batteries VRLA type) that otherwise would have been hazardously spread in the environment.

The entire Lead Battery Recycling factory has been engineered and realized by GME company completely from scratch.

Starting from land’s layout definition to the physical/chemical environmental study optimized for a very challenging geographical area (high temperature swing, 50% wired H2O supply, 92% O2 purity)

Proceeding with Civil strategy management, the Construction calculation allowed the customer to draw industrial shed’s foundations in a very flexible way, with a P&I completely fitting the space area optimizing the production handling average time.

The Factory, delivered in a turn-key solution, is equipped with:

– 5 Tons/hour Battery Breaker with Automatic charger

– 4m3 Rotary Furnace with Oxy-NG burner and Automatic loading system

– 12 Tons/hour Ingots Casting System

– 40 Tons Kettles (4x)

– De-dusting system with Bag filters for the exhausted gas

The Site matches Lead Battery scrap with solutions that enable their re-use with a Lead paste quality output among the top of the Market ~ 99.98% (ultrapure lead) while reducing Energy and CO2 emissions

What makes GME particularly proud is the total Circual Economy generated with this Project, scaled up by adopting innovative technology (such as the new Battery Breaker able to completely separate all the 5 elements composing the exhausted Battery) but also providing the customer with tailored support and mentorship along the realization and after commissioning.

Want to know more about this project? Take a look to the full Project in the dedicated section: Major Project – Fabcom –



In 2010, GME’s engineers built the pair of lead-acid rotary furnaces (cap. 12 m3 – 30 tons of lead paste) for the Hubei Chu Kai customer (Hubei Province, China) of the Hubei Camel group, one of the largest battery manufacturers in China, helping to make a big step forward for the Hubei Camel group which at that time was increasing

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Today, we introduce you our new LEAD CYLINDER CASTING MACHINE, the scope is cast the refined soft lead into kettle to lead cylinder for lead oxide production by casting machine.The customer can cast the soft lead directly in the cylinder casting machine to produce the cylinders for the lead oxyde, by-passing the ingots re-melting, saving fuel and ingots handling. The

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